Report on 2015 Taipei International Cycle Show: BESV

Date:01-01-1970 Source:chinamotor

Trekking Bike is the only bike that won both Japan G-MARK Best 100 design award and German Red Dot Design Award in Taiwan bicycle industry, which will mark its grand debut in TAIPEI CYCLE.

Darfon Electronics, a major electronics component manufacturer in Taiwan that led the world in supplying notebook keyboards, diversified into e-bikes with the brand BESV. BESV offered e-bikes Lion, Jaguar, Panther, and Cat series lifestyle e-bikes that brought intelligence, eco-friendliness, health and convenience together.

Different from e-scooters, BESV’s e-bikes are equipped with power assisting drive systems, containing motors, batteries, controllers, torsion sensors and software that accurately calculates the amount of assisting power required by the drive system and outputs optimal power based on pedaling and road conditions.

Its man-machine interactive design features high manufacturing and design difficulty. Its unique power assisting drive system and intelligent mode enables smooth transition between pedaling and power assisting. Cyclists can easily challenge any slope without slightest difficulty. This is the R&D focus domain of BESV.

The BESV Jaguar JS1 pedal-assisted electric bicycle features a strong, durable frame, for long-lasting performance. Jaguar is ideal for short rides to the park, a quick spin around the neighborhood, or even longer rides in the countryside. Equipped with advanced proprietary Algorhythm power drive system, the Jaguar JS1 delivers a smooth ride, every ride.

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