Report on 2015 Taipei International Cycle Show: Energy Tube

Date:01-01-1970 Source:chinamotor

EnergyTube describes a battery system, which uses on the basis the technology of standardized 18650-lithium-ion-cells. Each tube has a defined construction, which measures a diameter of 70mm, a length of 180mm and a weight of ca. 800g depending on the cells which are used.

The standardized structural form allows that the EnergyTubes can be combined in different battery forms. The capacity is determined by the quantity of tubes.

Due to the intelligence of every single unit the EnergyTube is identifiable,  controllable, and exchangable at any time. EnergyTube has a connector at the top and the bottom, which enables a connection with other tubes to a battery pack or to other systems.

The structural form of the connector involves a magnet ring which supports and keeps the contact between the EnergyTubes and their 3 contact points(+48V |GROUND| auxiliary supply).For the connection to several power-and information systems the connector can provide data interfaces such as EnergyBus, Smart Grid, industrie4.0, Bluetooth, USB, and so on.

The new approach of an intelligent battery, that can be scaled and adapted to different applications of over defined interfaces lays the foundation for a huge range of applications of the system whose boundaries are not yet detectable.

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