Report on 2015 Taipei International Cycle Show: Sram

Date:01-01-1970 Source:chinamotor

SRAM, with a major manufacturing facility in Taichung, is a significant market presence in Taiwan, where it supplies a variety of manufacturers with components, wheels, suspension forks and other products on a just-in-time schedule.

SRAM Introduces BOOST 148x12 and 110x15 Standard & 2016 Forks. SRAM say that the bigger wheels as well as the capabilities of the modern breed of all-mountain or enduro bikes all place a lot more stress on wheels, and that a wider hub will help to build stronger wheels without taking on extra weight. Additionally, frame designers are constantly looking at ways to gain space around the bottom bracket/chainstay area, and although 1x-specific frames are a step in the right direction, SRAM say that they have been looking at ways to move the chainline further outboard as well for some time. It took until a bike manufacturer (Trek) was ready to take a new standard to market for it all to gain proper momentum, to the point where SRAM are now releasing an open wheel and drivetrain specification and a host of ready-to-roll components applying it.

Starting at the crank, Boost moves the chainline 3-mm outwards without affecting the Q-factor. In other words, the chain ring moves outwards, but not the crank arms. This move frees up space around the crankset (making it easier to design shorter chainstays, wider suspension pivots, and to improve tire clearance). Additionally, it modifies the chainline to correspond to the new, wider rear hub spacing.

Just as on the new FOX 34 27.5 PLUS fork launched, SRAM are introducing a wider front hub as part of their Boost standard - taking it from the classic 100x15-mm to 110x15-mm. It's not just the axle that grows longer, hub flanges and brake disc mounts are all moved out by 5-mm on each side, creating the wider spoke bracing angle sought to help improve wheel stiffness. In contrast to FOX however, SRAM are not making forks specifically for 27.5 PLUS.

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