Report on Canton Fair 2015

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The 118th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened in Guangzhou on October 15. The Canton Fair has been successfully held for five decades so far, it has become a bond of friendship and trading bridge between China and other countries. The Canton Fair is an important way for electric vehicle companies to release new products and carry out foreign trade. China Electric vehicle area is located in 12.1,13.1 Hall, part of them is located in 16.2. CHINA Bike & E-Vehicle interviewed with a number of Chinese electric vehicle enterprises in the fair. According to the enterprises, the number of buyers in this year’s Canton Fair is similar with last year, orders are relatively small, purchasing power has weakened, but the quality of orders has improved and the export of electric vehicle has increased over the same period of last year.

Electric Vehicles

1. Yadea Technology Group Co. Ltd.


DIAMOND is Yadea’s first high-end electric scooter. It is originated from the Italian classic design that is popular all over the world, and integrated "profiling" design concept of famous contemporary Italian designer, which makes DIAMOND glow brightly with natural light. Dazzling diamond-shaped headlight, chrome edging diamond-shaped LCD instrument, motor side cover of artificial diamond cutting surface and diamond-shaped intelligent photoelectric lock integrate the classic with modern philosophy perfectly; from five-star multi-faceted aluminum wheels, , angular aluminum straight fork to multi-faceted diamond-shaped recessed taillights then to intelligent remote control, Yadea has been committed to exclusive research, exploration, and the pursuit of every original detail.

In terms of quality, DIAMOND uses high-end motorcycle standard system with more stringent quality parts, and is in strict accordance with automotive TPS production management mode, witch makes the manufacturing quality powerfully guaranteed. It is worth mentioning that the DIAMOND is based on ergonomics, and is accurate on the "triangle acting point", which makes the driving posture, knee extension degree and elbows bent of the human body stretch to meet the most comfortable angle. The Lower saddle height from the ground, comfortable saddle with high elasticity, adjustable hydraulic rear shock absorber ensure a long drive without fatigue. DIAMOND uses T-shaped bending beam frame to ensure that the front and rear axle are in the same axis, so it is more stable; the layering surface of thickened ram-type thermoplastic battery increases thermoplastic to prevent the battery from loosing more effectively; high-end hydraulic front disc brakes of motorcycle level make the heat dissipation faster, better braking and longer lifespan; and finally, the use of magnetic steel motor makes it more powerful with soft start and speed up more faster.


Place of Origin Yadea (Zhejiang) F/S Φ27 Vertical Hydraulic

Dimension 1700×430×1040-1240 mm R/S Hydraulic Adjustable

Weight 60kg(no battery) Anti-Theft AQ

Controller 12 FET vector controller Wheel 90/80-10 Vacuum wheels

Brake(F/R) Disk Brake,Drum Brake Rim five-star multi-faceted cutting aluminum

Colors Pink/matte champaign yellow;bluish white /matte Coffee brown;matte olive green/matte champaign gold;violet/olivine/gray;olivine/amber Trunk Optional Detachable


This bike is equipped with 26-inch fat tire and maintenance-free 2nd generation Bafang motor, the motor power is 350 W, more powerful than conventional motors, and integrated with sine dial controller; the battery uses Samsung 36 V 11 Ah batteries cell; transmission system uses a 9-speed Shimano outer package; front and rear hydraulic disc brakes ensure a strong safety performance. The performance is on the top in the same models.

As the new product of Yadea launched in 2015, E-WIDE 50 looks simple and elegant, aluminum frame makes the whole vehicle 40 kg. Cushion uses the high-end cushion manufactured by Italian brand Selle Royal. The appearance of the whole bike was designed by Italian innovation design team, which took a year and a half to be carefully orchestrated.

At present the main sales market: high-end consumer groups in Norway, Germany and Belgium.

Price: $ 1200.

2. Wuxi Tmec Power Technology Co., Ltd.


This electric tricycle has a stylish appearance of independent design, streamlined body makes it full of overall aesthetic feeling even more. In addition, this sporty electric tricycle also incorporates lighting and LCD instrument of modern design with motor power of 1000 W and battery capacity of 72V 20Ah, Long endurance of Mileage, the top speed is of 45 km, and loading capacity is of 150 kg .

At present the main sales markets are Canada, South America and Europe.

Price: $540 above.


Frame material: sreel frame

Motor: 1000 watt, 72 V DC Brushless High speed

Battery Capacity: 72 V 20 Ah Lead acid Battery

Brake: Front Disc Brake; Rear Drum Brake

Rim: Aluminuim Rim

Tyre Size: 90190-10(Fr); 130170-10(Rr) tubless tire

Display: LCD

Max Speed: 45 km/h

Range: 65 km/h

Max Loading: 150 kg

Climbing hill: 15°

3. AIMA Electric Vehicle


AIMA brought its new product "crystal" launched in October to the Canton fair this year. The appearance was designed by Italian design team to create the first glance of a classic European style, white body, black seat, pedals, accompanied with orange handle bars and suspension forks, make it elegant and a little unruly. The bike's electrical components, plastic-coated parts and other accessories are provided by leading suppliers, the paint technology is first-rate too. Tough LED headlight is made of reinforced plastic, the dashboard represents the Roman retro style.

In terms of Power, it uses a 500W motor of German BOSCH and 12FET controller with smooth and powerful acceleration and climbing. A 1500W motor can be supplied to cope with a large slope mountain road. The battery uses a lead acid battery in capacity of 60 V 72 Ah, also a 72 V 20 Ah battery is optional to get longer range. The front is disc brake system while the rear is drum brake system.

The current export markets are Turkey, South America and other countries and regions.

Price: 3500 yuan.


Frame: Steel

Motor Rating Power: 60V 800W

Battery: 60V 20AH Lead-acid battery

N.W / G.W: 120 kg / 130 kg

Dimension ( L× W ×H): 1760×660×980mm

Max Load: 200 kg

Max Speed: 45 km/h                                                                                                      

Range Distance Per Charge: 65km

Tire Size : 90/90-10

Charging Time: 6-8 hours

Brake : Disc brake / Drum brake

Container Loading: 26 pcs / 20GP; 78 pcs / 40HC

4. Changzhou Fujiang Vehicle Co., Ltd.

TDE-15 & TED-11

Changzhou Fujiang brought two lithium-assisted bicycles, TDE-15 and TED-11, which really captured the attention of many buyers. Fujiang has applied for patents for the appearance of the two bikes.

Among them, the double suspension forks of TDE-15, rear shock, large 26-inch tires make it an all terrain mountain bike after the first sight would know, but it is also very easy to ignore the hidden design of lithium battery box and motors. Yes, this is a lithium-assisted bicycle with the BOSH 500w motor, and 48V11.6Ah lithium battery. So this bike is powerful. The current target markets are Europe and America.

Compared with the wild frame, stout suspension fork, simple shape of TDE-15, TED-11 is little more elegant. TED-11 uses 29-inch wide tires, powerful systems of BOSH 500w motor and 35V5.6Ah lithium battery, is suitable for city riding. Currently, the main market is Europe.



Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy,design based on human

Electric System

Battery: 36V 11.6AH Li-ion battery(SAMSUNG)

Motor: 250W Rear brushless hub motor

Controller: 250W 14A

Sener: PAS 1:1 intelligent pedal assistant system

Charge Time: 4-6 hours

Max Speed: 32 km/h

Range Distance: 50-70 km

Brake: F/R disc brake

Light: With F/R light

Display: NOKEE LCD display

Fork: Al alloy suspension fork.Lockable

Seat post: Cannot turnover

Saddle: Sport type

Tire: 29"x2.10 KENDA

Derailleur: Outer 7 speed Shimano

Packing Size & Container Loading: 20GP/69PCS;     40HQ/198PCS


Price: USD 1050


Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy,design based on human

Electric System

Battery: 36V 10AH Li-ion battery Samsung

Motor: 250W Rear brushless hub motor

Sener: PAS 1:1 intelligent pedal assistant system

Charge Time: 4-6 hours

Max Speed: 35 km/h

Range Distance: 50-70 km

Brake: F/R disc brake

Light: With F/R light

Display: LED speed and power indication only

Fork: Shoulders fork (ZOOM SZ150425680ZH)

Rear suspension: Spring suspension  (Kingshock)

Saddle: Sport type

Tire: 26"x2.5 KENDA

Wheels: Spoke wheels

Derailleur: Outer 6 speed Shimano

Packing Size & Container Loading: 153x27x83cm(Front wheel off)-76PCS/20"GP, 216PCS/40"HQ


Price: USD 860

5. Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Co., Ltd


MIKU is the world's first scooter that could change the mode of riding with personality. This is a lithium scooter designed jointly by School of Design in Jiangnan University and Xinri for young people. The Seat can complete four kinds of riding modes: sit ridding, stand riding, slide riding and double riding. Smart dashboard can be in the connection with the phone to remote unlock, GPS navigation and security positioning in addition to displaying the speed, mileage. USB interface on the handlebar could provide battery charging for mobile phones and other smart devices, to achieve "intelligent uninterruptible power."

Of course, MIKU brings surprises far more than that: the tail light is solar-powered, automatic night light; reflective strips are affixed on both sides of the body to ensure traffic safety at night; lift handlebars and high-end bike with personality to meet the different physical structure of different customers, creating a comfortable riding experience; mini Bluetooth stereo combination with big headlight make riders accompany with wonderful music and pleasant riding.

As for the power system, MIKU uses a 350w 12 inch aluminum motor, and 48V12Ah lithium battery, the maximum speed is of 28km / h, mileage of 55km. The system uses front and rear drum brakes.


6. Shenzhen Shenling Car Co., Ltd.(TAILG)

This is a newly launched all terrain bike in 2015, although it is a fat tire bike, it does not look heavy or rough. The bike body is painted and finished smoothly, using lightweight aluminum frame, so it looks smart and tidy. As for power, it uses a 250 W motor of domestic manufacturer BAFANG and Samsung's 36 V 10.4 Ah lithium battery. Shift handlebars, both front and rear transmission are from Shimano. Body decals can be customized to meet the different needs of consumers. Tires are provided by Kenda.

The current target markets are high-class people in Europe, America, Japan and Korea.

Price: $ 1,100.

7. Wuxi Shenyun Technology Development Co.,Ltd


During the fair, Shenyun brought a lovely 2015 new model of electric bike with big storage box and round headlight in front of it, high raised mirrors, black & orange body colors make it so cute. Iron frame after painting necome beautiful and rust-proof; LED lights are generous and  fashionable; suspension forks combined with dual spring damping on the rear make this little bike very "stable" when riding; integrated handlebar brake improves the safety factor while driving; as for power, it uses a 350 W motor and the a 48V12Ah lead-acid battery, a 48V12Ah or 48V20Ah lithium battery are optional; braking system uses drum brake the front and rose brake for the rear, sine dial controller guarantees fast start and strong momentum.

Currently the main sales market is Vietnam, and in the future it will expand to Philippines, Indonesia, and South America.

Price: $ 300 - 400

In the Canton Fair, the electric vehicle enterprises brought distinctive products, unique electric motorcycles, exquisite electric carriers, personalized scooters, lithium assist bicycles and retro

electric scooters attracted many people’s eyes. Meanwhile, as a high-quality bridgehead for

foreign companies to develop the Chinese market, the successful holding of the Fair built a bridge

of communication with global electric vehicle industries, so we can get to know the latest industry

information and market dynamics, which also laid the foundation for the development of the

electric vehicle industry in the following year.

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