Report on Eurasia MOTOBIKE Expo 2015 and Turkish Market: YUKI

Date:01-01-1970 Source:chinamotor

With30 years of history, YUKI started to import CKD (completely knocked down) in 2006 and import electric vehicles in 2009. YUKI is a model brand that successes in the two-wheeled field in a short period. Eyup Germi, the young chairman of YUKI believes that cooperating with good brands and manufacturing high-quality products is the key to the success of YUKI. The purchase amount in 2014 was 55,000 units, including 30,000 motorcycles and 25,000 electric vehicles. Motorcycle CKD parts could be completely assembled on two 40m assembly lines. The major Chinese cooperative enterprises include Yu’an XGJAO, Loncin, Qingqi, Sundiro, Hisun, Yadea and AIMA, but YUKI mainly focuses on the electric vehicles at present. The annual sales volume of electric vehicles ranked at the first place and motorcycle sales ranked at the 5th place in Turkey.

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