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Taiwan as a whole is on a high level in lithium bicycle manufacturing, no matter its design or details of manufacturing process are worth commending, which due to many years of accumulation, as well as product sales mainly for European and other developed countries high-end markets. On the Taipei Cycle Show, the reporter noticed, the motors that lithium bikes adopted are basically mid-mounted motors, which are mainly from Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha and a few other brands. Lithium bike models basically highlights the characteristics of bikes, both models of leisure and sports, compact structured, fine workmanship, exquisite and stunning, reflecting the current Taiwan lithium bicycle parts and whole vehicle’technology getting matures and improved on the whole industry chain. Thus, the entire show in Taipei represents a miniature of the whole industry in Taiwan. In this case, the correspondents rushed to the Taipei Cycle Show and took some pictures of representative samples lithium bicycles for readers.

Comfortable and Safe Reclinable Electric Tricycle

On the show in Taipei, a reclinable electric tricycle that uses lithium battery and BAFANG motor as the drive system attracted eyes of visitors. Reporter personally rode the tricycle with drive system, and felt a wonderful feeling as if he was in the clouds. This vehicle has features of comfortability, easy operation and safety. Riders can adjust the distance of the pedals depending on the length of the legs, in order to maintain maximum riding comfort. The drive system depends on the model of assistance, so that it not only allows the rider's legs to get exercise, but also allows farther riding. According to the owner of the tricycle – according to the president of Lti Corp.Link-Tech International Corporation Mr. Lin Ruixiong, after fully charged, it can ride to more than 40 kilometers with assistance. The battery is 36V 12Ah, the capacity of which can be increased according to customer requirements to increase the distance of mileage.

TranzX:Appearance of Electric Scooter Draws Attention

TranzX released an electric scooter in Taipei Cycle Show drawn attention of visitors. The model compared with other ordinary electric scooters, has a more compact and exquisite design, all the lines are hidden in the pipeline, making the entire body smooth and concise. In folding design, the traditional model is completed by hand, while this scooter can be folded by a folding button between the pedal and the stem. The scooter is powered by lithium, one charge can travel 20 kilometers.

Holland Mechanics: Bicycle Manufacturing Equipment Increased 25%

Located in Yangzhou, China, Holland Machanics (China) Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (referred to as Holland Machanics), is one of the first professional enterprises to enter the Chinese mainland bike (including lithium bike) automation equipment field. The company mainly provides bicycle companies aluminum wheels production line, automatic filling wheels, locking wheel series, stand-alone devices and the entire line for stable wheels, Wheel Alignment and tyre installation and other equipments.

Enjoying the convenience of the rapid growth of Chinese mainland bicycles and lithium bicycle industry, the products of Holland Machanics mainland have been regarded as indispensable for high-end manufacturing by numerous bicycle and lithium bicycle enterprises, making the company's product sales in China remained the enduring momentum, despite the significant slowdown for bicycle export last year, the Holland Machanics products still appeared a substantial growth, thanks to the superior mechanical performance of the products.

Vice General Manager of Holland Machanics Mr. Zhang Dabin recently told our reporter in Taipei Cycle Show: Last year, the products of Holland Machanics were in no way affected by the slowdown of the bicycle market, on the opposite, there has been growth in sales, the production increased by 25%, which made it the best year since entered the Chinese market. Mr. Zhang Dabin analysed three main reasons for the company's excellent products:

First, the Chinese mainland bicycle and lithium bicycle manufacturers accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the industry. The stability and good performance of Holland Machanics products still attracted manufacturers, although the price is 30% higher. Many domestic enterprises improve the quality and performance of products through the purchase of high-end manufactured equipment to get out of the low-priced product zone;

Second, the Chinese mainland labor costs keep rising rapidly, while the quality of skilled workers can not keep up with the needs of industry transformation and upgrading, especially when short seasons in the manufacturing are eliminated, rushing orders are difficult to control, which forces companies to reduce the use of labor through the purchase of advanced manufacturing equipment, to better enhance the quality of the product;

Third, the Chinese mainland has long been engaged in bicycle manufacturing OEM, resulting in meager profits. Taking the road of creating the brand is the fundamental for enterprise development, and the key to create brands is to enhance the quality and performance of products. Therefore, high-end manufacturing equipment is the important guarantee of product quality. Based on these three reasons, the products of Holland Machanics have been valued by more and more bicycles and lithium bicycle manufacturers, which is the important reason for the growth over the years.

Zhang Dabin also told reporter, as the Chinese mainland's high labor costs remain high, labor-intensive bicycle manufacturing has the trend of shifting from mainland China to other countries. Therefore, Holland Machanics is paying attention to emerging markets such as India and Vietnam, and recruited local sales staff to expand local markets.

Ananda: Fully Expand the European Market

Born in the nineties, Ananda Driving Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (referred to as Ananda), has developed a variety of electrical and electronic control systems for electric vehicles and promoted to the market in large scale, which laid the leadership in the field of electric vehicle motors and electric control system in China.

With the rapid development of electric vehicle and electric vehicle industry, in order to seize market opportunities, Ananda divided the company into two parts: one is Ananda, which continues to engage in R & D and manufacturing of electric vehicle motors; the other is electric drive, and is to into the field of electric vehicle driving system, providing solutions and development and manufacturing for the driving system and electric vehicles and motors. Ananda currently owned Tianjin, Jiangsu and Shanghai, the three manufacturing base, products cover all motor varieties in electric two-wheelers. The company offers solutions for electronic control system and motor support. Recently, our reporter interviewed the president of the company Mr.Huang Hongyue on the Taipei Cycle Show.

Reporter: It is known that Ananda’s domestic sales have been relatively stable, but in recent years it began to force on overseas markets, can you tell us the market conditions?

Huang Hongyue: since it’s born, Ananda has been engaged in the development and manufacture of electric vehicle motors and electric control system, and established its first level brand position in the field of electric vehicles domestically. We have established long-term cooperative relationship with high-end Taiwanese and Japanese brands, in the meantime, the domestic first-line vehicle companies that are well-known also set up a cooperative relationship with us for many years, the stability and reliability of the quality of Ananda products is one of the few. In recent years, the domestic electric vehicle market is declining, but the domestic market share of Ananda has maintained increase, so have the overseas markets.

Reporter: How do you look at the European market?

Huang Hongyue: electric bike market in Europe is a growing market. In recent years, despite the economic slump throughout Europe, the electric bicycle market has maintained a steady growth. 3 years ago we set up a subsidiary in Europe for business grows, and to be able to respond quickly to customer needs. After several years of market development, our products have been in the major markets of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, etc.. We believe Ananda will achieve better market performance in Europe and also in the rising US market.

Reporter: what tactics did Ananda adopt when open the European markets?

Huang Hongyue: Ananda is the first company involved in fields of electric vehicle motors and electric control system, we have an experienced R & D team, and are familiar with EN15194 / REACH / ROHS and other regulatory requirements, and able to respond quickly to meet overseas customer's product requirements. When talking about the tactic, then it is the market demand-led product development, and product quality is stable and reliable. On the exhibition, many customers experienced the motor system of Ananda, compared to similar products in the industry, the system is smaller, lighter, more powerful and more comfortable for riding. We have received a lot of sample lists, and we look forward that this motor system could once again become the market mainstream.

Reporter: Now the domestic enterprises have adopted the approach of cutting price to enter an unfamiliar market, will Ananda also use this approach to enter the European market and other countries?

Huang Hongyue: For an outstanding enterprise, price war is undoubtedly harmful poisons. Once taking it, vicious cycle will lead to disastrous consequences. Either R & D or manufacturing on motors and electric control system is first class in China. In fact, the European markets have high brand loyalty, and we are willing to expand this market together with domestic counterparts, and take good care of this market, rather than blindly using price war competition. What we have to do now is to get more customer recognition for our products in Europe, which needs our efforts and spirit of artisan. Only reflect our strengths on the price, can the market be convinced to allow customers to choose our products.

DAHON Launched Minimum Volume of Folding Product


The famous folding bike brand DAHON in the past few years developed a number of new products. In the current exhibition in Taipei, DAHON showed the latest R & D results. The long-awaited Curl will finally get into production and sale in spring of 2016. Curl absorbed the best design elements of other brands on the market, including Diblasi, Bromton and other brands. Diblasi first introduced folding flip wheel in the 1970s but few people knows. 17-inch tires and many innovative elements make Curl the best riding, and smallest bike in folding size. It also highlights the Dahon technology and fashion. Eight patents distinguished Curl from previous bikes:

1. The down tube is split into two, which makes the front frame turn into a similar triangular shape, providing great strength and rigidity.

2. The new "V" combined with the front triangle and rear triangle. This allows Curl to become a front suspension bike without problems of rebound and inefficiencies when pedaling, which is a common problem for many bike.

3. Oversized head tube and handlebar, plus reverse fork standpipe, which provide more strength and stiffness.

4. Handlebars are more easily to be adjusted, more in line with artificial mechanics.

5. Folding pedal, it looks no different from the previous generation, but stronger and more durable. After the improvement, more foot space than the previous generation,and also easier to fold.

A new technology, "security line", will also be a candidate for 2016 D & I Award. This technology enables the majority of small diameter wheel bikes more durable. This technology can be licensed to all manufacturers who are willing to provide this to consumers.

In addition, other well-known techniques are also used, including the V-shaped frame and riser joints. These technologies bring unparalleled performance to Curl and make the product more portable and more beautiful. This resulted from the 16 years of R & D personnels efforts.

The exhibition also shows other products, including QIX, EEZZ and CLINCH. QIX and EEZZ are using the new method of longitudinal folding of 20"and 16" bikes, folding speed and strength of the frame are unprecedented. CLINCH came from the concept of "flexible", using the refined design tools and reverse risers. It is actually a powerful road bike. At the same time, the flat folding technology is also one of the highlights of the technology which makes all normal size folding bikes compactly folded, and without losing strength and beautiful appearance.

The first Dahon folding bike was developed in 1982 by the famous American space expert, physicists Dr. David T. Hon – which became the prototype of most modern folding bikes, DAHON triggered revolution on folding bikes ever since; today DAHON is recognized as the world leader in folding bike brand and created a new category as "folding bike", DAHON has always been dedicated to creating high-quality products, unique riding experience and green travel plan with leading technology, perfect industrial design and continuous innovation for thirty years , DAHON guides people the lifestyle that is active, dynamic and environmentally friendly.

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