Report of 117th Canton Fair

Date:01-01-1970 Source:chinamotor

Canton fair is one of the most important launching and exhibiting platform for new Chinese bicycle, e-bike and e-scooter models for export, and every year is attended by many industry experts, purchasers, and importers from home and abroad. On April 15, the 117th spring canton fair was held as scheduled . China Bike & E-Vehicle (CBEV) participated in the whole process of the show, and visited the major bicycle and e-bike halls. The electric two-wheeled vehicle exhibitors seemed to attract more visitors than fuel motorcycles.

Yadea, as a leading Chinese EV brand, taking up 10 stands respectively at hall 13.1 and 16.2, of course, was one of the busiest exhibitors at the show. Following CBEVs visit to Yadea to get to know how it comes to Yadeas success today.


Yadea especially produces e-vehicles, but centers on two-wheeled models, and also three-wheelers. Started in 1997, without a long history, the company focuses on the EV business from the very beginning. Yadea pays special attention to develop reliable dealers from the start of business, which is a key strategy for the domestic (Chinese) market. Up to now, Yadea already has more than 2000 dealers in the domestic market.


The Chinese market is the biggest market for electric scooters in the whole world, having a sales amount of about 30 million units and Yadea taking up 10% of the market. However, there are around 1000 different electric scooter manufacturer, small, medium or large size ones, which means competition is quite fierce. Yadea is now working on its brand image and product image, and call its Yadea brand First class. To follow this development strategy, Yadea changes its dealers shops in the domestic market to be like the life-shop

They also have started building the dealer shop, the 4S shop, integrating selling products and doing after-sales service in one shop. This mode of dealer shop will be applied to overseas if it is approved to be correct in domestic market.

For the overseas market, Yadea started export business in 2005 and began with EV exportation. Then with more and more overseas customers accumulated, the company is now looking to different kinds of products for different markets. What makes people choose Yadeas e-vehicles rather than the petrol scooters? The company wins as a professional e-scooter manufacturer with a professional team in the field. To succeed in the international market, Yadea focuses on three aspects, products quality, after-sales service, and new technology. Besides the turkey market, Yadea is also successful with Eastern Europe countries, such as Hungary, Poland, Italy, and Romania. The brand is also planning on entering the Western European market and South America in the near future.

Yadea values its unique product R&D. X-man is a successful model with Yadeas independent R&D technology and has won a good market recognition and  acceptance. Yadea also cooperates with Italian and French design companies to bring out new products. Actually at Canton Fair, Yadea also brought a new sample model with Italian design and named Diamond which will be put into main production in May.

SUNRAs stand was also quite crowded every time we stopped by. Different models of e-bikes and e-scooters are lined up at the large stand to present the versatility of SUNRAs products.

Among the most tremendously popular models at the scene, MIKU , a smart lithium-ion battery e-bike, attracted a large number of domestic and foreign young visitors, although it was not the first time that we saw it at Canton Fair. The e-bike looks really smart, innovative, futuristic, yet easy to ride. MIKU is claimed to be the worlds first e-bike that can be ridden by standing, sitting, or sliding on it. The small-and-light looking appearance, multi-functional intelligent LCD meter panel, smartphone app and music player system, foldable saddle and adjustable handlebar, LED decorative light, and fashionable color and decal all contribute to the freshness and uniqueness of this mini e-bike. This is the kind of product that fits into the modern life for amusement.


SUNRA has been seeking to make up the shortcomings of traditional e-bikes by using intelligent technology, and for that aspect SUNRA has made great progress. We can see modern technical systems used on a series of its intelligent e-bikes. For example, GPS anti-theft technology is used on MIKU, and it can be locked and unlocked from remote control by smartphone. We expect to see more surprises from SUNRA.

AIMA is one of the top electric bike brands and has attracted many visitors stopping by its booth with its really beautiful scooter brought to Canton Fair. There were several small and delicate scooters at AIMAs booth. Diversified color scheme and modern design element features AIMAs products which are perfectly to the appetite of young people. AIMA has always been dedicated in developing convenient and high-performance electric bikes and won many faithful fans and consumers.

One of the most eye-catching models seen at AIMAs booth is AM-DIOL II . DIOL is coolest member of AIMAs mini family and DIOL II is an upgraded model for 2015. Simple design style, small and streamlined body, easy operation and strong power, all define the merits of DIOL II. It carries a 500W motor and 60V20Ah battery, capable of driving for 70km. The scooter is equipped with a 12-pipe controller and front disc/ rear drum brakes, and can run up to a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. This mini scooter will certainly win the favor of many young ladies.

AIGENIs Canton Fair booth always presents a sense of modern and technology. At this Canton Fair, AIGENI also exhibited its latest featured electric bikes. Since the company has been focusing on technical innovation and upgrading its product internationalization level, AIGENI e-bikes stand out of the ordinary with its modern appearance, high performance, and easy operation. AIGENI has applied for multiple innovation and new patents and its brand has significant influence in overseas markets. During the five-day exhibition, a great number of foreign visitors stopped at AIGENI booth to inquire about and try riding their favorable e-bike models.  

AIGENI lithium electric bikes adopt high-intensitive aluminous alloy frames, light and eco-friendly batteries, large-torque motors. The battery is durable and easy to maintain. The motor works to ensure stable starting, low noise, high efficiency and low power consumption. The e-bikes are fitted with Shimano gear systems to bring comfortable riding experience. Besides LCD meters are provided for easy observation of speed, distance and battery.

FUJING Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a newly emerged e-bike manufacturing company founded in 1998. Though currently not known to all, Fujiang products have passed IS09001-2000 quality system certification, E-mark certification and 3C certification. At this Canton Fair, many people were attracted by a few representative models Fujiang brought to the scene. The e-bike is designed to be a sport model, with sport type frame, saddle and tyres, and looks real tough and stylish.


FJ - TDE05


Frame: 6061 aluminium alloy


Battery: 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery


Motor: 250w brushless hub motor


Max. speed: 25km/h


Range: 50-70km


Controller: Intelligent brushless


Charger: AC 100V 240V 2amps smart charger


Charging time: 4-6 hours


Fork: Al alloy suspension fork, adjustable.


Rear derailleur: Outer 6 speed Shimano


Net weight: 25kg


Tyres: 26 x 2.125


The heat of electric two wheelers seemed to have overshadowed the fuel motorcycles at the past Canton Fair. The show is not only a place to show off products, associate with friends, and develop new business relationship, but also a chance to look into the market for future development. Although many EV industries saw business decline in the past year due to market saturation and tough competition, the survived ones are still have high hope for the whole EV industry. Undoubtedly, the company with keen market insight and a professional R&D and marketing team holds its core competitiveness and will stand out all the way forward.


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