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China Bicycle Association was established in 1985, is China's national bike industry organizations, is a non-profit social groups, corporate bodies. By bicycles, electric bicycles and their parts and components manufacturing enterprises and their associated production, business enterprises, research, teaching units and local associations formed voluntarily. The association is supervised and managed by the state-owned assets management committee of the State Council, the China Light Industry Federation and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the registration management organ of the society. Existing members of more than 500 members of the production and export enterprises account for about 75% of the total industry. In recent years, China's annual bicycle production has been maintained at more than 80 million, annual production of electric bicycles in the 30 million or so, each year about 60 million bicycles, electric bicycles exported more than 170 countries in the world. Bicycle industry for national economic and social development has made outstanding contributions

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The new revision of website: www.chinamotorworld.com is currently the most professional motorcycle English portal website in China, which is the only one of English website to mainly broadcast the Chinese motorcycles, spare parts to the overseas market. The website mainly advertises Chinese motorcycles to the global motorcycle dealers, purchasers, manufactures, fans and other professionals through the way of photos, words and videos. Its aim is to promote the development of Chinese motorcycle industry and the long-standing Chinese motorcycle culture to the whole world, which can let more people to know and drive the Chinese motorcycles. It is also a bridge of communication to help domestic manufacturers expand the overseas markets and seek win-win cooperation. The content of website includes digital magazine, Chinese new products, exhibitions, experts’ columns and so on, giving consideration to the domestic motorcycle enterprises and the overseas readers’ demand. Though the website, we can broadcast the Chinese motorcycle industry more fast and convenient.

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