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Not Forgetting the Initial Heart, AIMA Is Always On the Way

Date:17-12-2018 Source:chinamotor

Only not forgetting the initial heart, can we have a good consequence. Over the years, AIMA has always adhered to the development concept of "respecting for science, believing the wisdom, cherishing the nature, loving our home" ,adhered to conduct their own business in the basis of caring for people's own development and the relationship between man and nature and also pursue the perfect harmony between society and nature. AIMA use it actual business action to show its harmony between science technology and the humanities, in addition, he pay a great efforts to promote the activities of low-carbon environmental protection. In order to build the harmonious society of "people-oriented, technological innovation", AIMA always spare no effort to work for that.

Striving is always rewarding, Emma's insistence has paid off, July 22, 2015, with a good comprehensive evaluation of public and brand influence, AIMA won the Best Brand Award of the fourth China Finance Summit meeting! China Finance Summit is one of the most influential platforms of ideal in the economic field. July, 22, under the theme of "The wisdom and innovation of business on the new normal society", the Fourth China Finance Summit was held in Beijing, on that day, many guests from business, academia, media, arts, culture and other fields shared and communicated deeply through lectures, dialogues and other forms, their communications were based on those crucial topics on "transformation and upgrading, Internet, entrepreneurship and innovation, inclusive finance" and so on. "Brand Award" is assessed comprehensively by the six indicators which are based on "enterprise culture, social contribution, innovation, economic growth, brand influence, industry status", in this way, That AIMA stands out from other enterprises shows the strength and influence of AIMA’S  brand  is approved again by the vast people.

Good quality, a nice sense of driving experience and driving fashion trends are always the target of base construction for AIMA brand. AIMA has been devoted to make the electric car more than a simple means of transport, but also become an intimate companion of life and travel. Recently, AIMA launched a new model—“CRYSTAL M2” had exactly proved the above point. The excellent performance of shock absorbers makes the climbing more comfortable; the sensitive braking system makes the emergency brake easier and more secure; user-friendly designed saddle, Q soft shells make the journey sweeter; lasting bright and stable high quality stoving varnish make our models more elegant. That making the journey more comfortable, making riding safer, making the feeling more pleasant has always been AIMA initial heart.

Not only is AIMA in pursuit of technological innovation, but also has innovated in marketing methods. Recently, the "first half of 2015 the electric car industry e-commerce index list" published which has collected more than 20 major brands of electric vehicles .The report used the major brands of electric vehicles’ sale performance of the first half of 2015 in JD Mall and TMall flagship store as the key statistics, it counted the statistics of sales volume, the listings, the amount of praise degree, the attention of TaoBao and other values to analyze the overall strength of the major electric scooter brands in the e-commerce platform, in the current list , AIMA’s score is 7285.60 in total which topping the list.

In this Internet era, the electric scooter as the traditional industries have also begun to embrace the Internet and it is the essential step to promote the "electricity supplier". September 2014, AIMA TMall official flagship store electric scooter operated officially, in November AIMA JD Mall official flagship store begun to run that means the innovation and reform of strategy layout in AIMA. Variety of new vehicles are on sale online, which has been promoting the healthy development of enterprises and to contribute to achieve real-leading, meanwhile ,the majority of users will get more convenient and practical services.

Adhering to innovate, not forgetting the initial heart, AIMA has always been on the way!

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