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People-Oriented Solves Problems on E-Bicycle Management - CBA Investigation in Nanning & Guigang in Guangxi

Date:17-12-2018 Source:chinamotor

Nanning, as the biggest city in Guangxi, has got the good reputation of “Green City” because it’s like spring all the year round here. Also, this city, with its unique geographical position, has been a frontier city for China’s cooperation with ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and an important gateway for linking up “the Belt and Road”. Now, Nanning has been rising and becoming recognized with its unique “Nanning Solution” on electric bicycle management. “Nanning Solution” has been reported by Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily and many other central authoritative media and solved the problems which are the long-standing and difficult challenges for many cities and departments. What experiences does it have? With questions and expectation, leaded by the President Ma Zhongchao, CBA (China Bicycle Association) entered into Nanning and Guigang in Guangxi on 25th July to learn the experiences in e-bike management and held National E-Bicycle Management Forum with branch associations of Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Taizhou, Jiangxi and other main producing areas.

“Consider its convenience as well as its disorder” – e-bike is green, low carbon and essential

Nanning was once called “the city on motorcycles”. After the motorcycle ban implemented in 2002, motorcycles has been controlled effectively but the number of e-bikes has increased sharply. By the end of August of this year, there have been 1,700,000 e-bicycles registered in Nanning City and this number is increasing at the speed of about 1600 per day. This means that on average one in every two people has an e-bicycle in Nanning. The ratio of e-bicycles in transportation has reached 33.98% and other indexes have also topped among the same kind of cities.

Besides Nanning, e-bike has been blossoming all over China and the following statistics data is the most powerful proof. From Jan. to May of 2015, for large-scale enterprises in Chinese e-bicycle industry, the total production is 10,773,000, increasing 7.9% year on year; the revenue of main business is 32.12 billion Yuan, increasing 11.3% year on year; the total profile is 1.87 billion Yuan, increasing 18.5% year on year. The performance of export is also getting better and better. From Jan. to May of 2015, the total quantity of exported e-bicycle is 561,000, increasing 22.1% year on year; the value of export is 240 million dollars, increasing 18.0% year on year. The Asian and European markets have accounted for over 80% of our export, respectively increasing 29.4% and 16.6% year on year. All the economic indexes are increasing positively. The rigid demand of consumers for e-bicycles still exists although the speed of development began to slip since the inflection point of the industry in 2014. The total production of this year will keep in around 30 million.

To this, Ma Zhongchao, the President of CBA, said, “e-bike is truly a good thing. It is not only the confidence from our industry but also the common view from all sections of the society. The powerful data has proved our product is really needed by people. E-bike is a good choice to ease the city transportation strain as well as an important part of new traffic pattern. In the era of horse-cart, the automobile was underrated. This means people need a period to accept the new things. What’s more, e-bike is the biggest carrier of the new energy that has been promoted in national level and the low carbon and green product which can help China becoming more beautiful with green mountains, clear waters, blue sky and cool air. So improving the level of electric vehicle industrialization has been listed in the document of PRC central committee in the Fifth Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC.

Ma Zhongchao frankly said that he was once touched by a sentence from Li Xiaolong, the Captain of Nanning Traffic Police and the Vice Party Secretary of the Public Security Bureau of Nanning – e-bicycles often make troubles on the road of the city but we should consider its convenience as well as its disorder.

“Two thousand polices managing 1.7 million e-bicycles well” and “People-Oriented” return the road right to e-bicycles

Each product needs to be managed by standards. As a public product involved in city transportation, e-bicycle is more in need of standards and management. In fact, regulations have existed since e-bicycles born. There are nearly 300 regulation documents in different levels from different areas but they rarely have strong operability and high awareness of industry and consumers. President Ma said the key to solve this big trouble of e-bicycle management is to transform the management mode and think more about the people.

The solution of Nanning has no doubt provided a model for other management departments. According to related laws and regulations, Nanning has innovatively implemented a new mode that combines education and punishment, i.e. ordering each illegal e-bike rider to study the traffic safety regulations. The punishment to those e-bike riders includes watching, listening, speaking, reading and writing the traffic safety regulations instead of paying a fine.

Since 1st, April of this year, Nanning police has set up 30 settled studying points and 38 simply-equipped studying points and purchased TVs, loudspeakers, air conditioners, cooling fans and other facilities. These places are managed by specially-assigned polices and can allow over 10,000 people to study e-bicycle safety regulations per day. The direct effect of the mode of “promoting management with studying” is the number of illegal e-bike cycling activities has decreased by over 65% in Nanning.

In President Ma’s opinion, “promoting management with studying” is the core of “Nanning Solution”. By acting as four roles – communicating place, guiding label, damping valve and promoting device – to finally promote three factors of e-bicycle management – scientification, standardization and normalization. In a word, “Nanning Solution” has coordinated the relationship of e-bicycles, pedestrians and motor vehicles, standardized the activities of e-bicycles, solved the problems caused by e-bicycles and resolved the conflicts resulting from e-bicycles.

“This lets me feel the road right called by the industry for many years has finally been understood and identified”, said President Ma excitedly, “the key is how to consider both the travel efficiency and the traffic order and solve the argument of road rights. The understanding and identifying is very valuable and hard to come because it comes from the traffic management system.”

President Ma highly agreed with the point of view made by Nanning related management departments that the right using e-bicycle is the logical and appropriate extension of the traffic right. Establishing an ordered transportation system is an important target of city transportation system management. An ordered transportation system must respect the people’s traffic right and the motor vehicles’ traffic right. In these two rights, the former is a priority for city managers. In other words, in the point of view of Nanning’s related management department, e-bicycle’s traffic right has been put in the same height of the people’s traffic right. “We can see this city’s humanization degree from this”, said President Ma. We must praise the wisdom and abilities of local government management department. With the wisdom and innovation, Nanning has created the “Nanning Model” of “Two thousand polices managing 1.7 million e-bicycles well”. We should carefully research the six studying modes of “promoting management with studying” and understand the key points that take effect.

Using geographical advantages to enhance competitiveness and promote revision of national standard

Despite the “Nanning Solution”, Nanning is not the main producing place of e-bicycles. Instead, another city in Guangxi Province, Guigang, has been the e-bicycle production base with its geographical advantages of the biggest port in Western Region of China. On 26th, July, all the representatives from other main producing areas, leaded by President Ma, visited Hua’ao, Liju, Tengchen and other manufacturers and communicated deeply with Wei Chaohui, the Vice Mayor of Guigang City, and the leaders from the Committee of Industry and Information Technology and Gangbei District. President Ma said the enterprises in Guigang should improve product market competitiveness by extending the product line, positively extend to ASEAN to build China-ASEAN new energy e-vehicle industry base with Guigang’s geographical advantage, and be the new bridge between Chinese e-bicycles and ASEAN markets.  

Both the manufacturing and management of e-bicycle cannot be done without national standard. During the forum, President Ma introduced the latest news of the revision of national standard that everybody concerning.

He said the current national electric bicycle standard revised in 1999 has been out of data seriously. The new national standard has not been introduced because of various factors. The management methods in different provinces and cities are not same. All these have confused manufacturers and influenced the standard, ordered and scientific development of the industry.

According to the Notice on Distributing Solution of Industry Reformation of Deep Standardization, the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC) has been in charge of the revision work of national e-bicycle standard to set a mandatory standard with seven aspects of talented persons. Before this, MIIT continuously held two industrial conferences in Beijing, transmitting the superior files and listening to the opinions from the industry. Representatives from CBA, branch associations of main producing areas, main enterprises of the industry, standards committee and branch standards committee fully introduced and expounded their opinions. They will pay close attention to and actively participate in the following works.

According to this new change, President Ma also gave new thinking and hope to “Nanning Solution”. He said he hopes Nanning could stand the test of new national e-bicycle standard and consider the real situation to create a “New Nanning Solution” for other areas learning and using for reference. This is an essential issue for Nanning, even the whole Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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