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Phoenix: Pride of National Bicycle Brand

Date:17-12-2018 Source:chinamotor

Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Co., Ltd. (Phoenix) is currently the only state-controlled domestic bicycle industry and public listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Its predecessor was the Shanghai Bicycle Factory born in May 1, 1958.

Phoenix Won Numerous Awards

At the end of 1960, the brisk riding of "Phoenix" bicycle was named the nation first by Ministry of Light Industry. By the end of 1962, at the quality competition of National Bicycle industry, it won the second place for the first time. Phoenix aim at " RANNING " and " BSA " in Britain to catch up with the goal, quality and the variety of Phoenix continues to make breakthrough, especially the PAl4 Mn-steel bike achieved the "two lightness and one fastness" (ie, light weight, riding lightly, strength fastness) of the basic requirements. There are more than 31 technical indicators that surpassed "RANNING" in the 60 national regulated technical indicators. In the national quality competition in 1965, Phoenix won for the first time. In the thirteen national standardized vehicle quality appraisals, Phoenix has won eight times. Phoenix bicycles won the national silver medal and basically established the brand-name status in the country.

At the same time, the first batch of "Phoenix" bikes sold to Singapore through the Shanghai Light Industrial products Import and Export Corporation to acquire foreign trade export agent, and later they exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other markets. "Phoenix" bicycle trademark successfully registered in Iran in 1965 for the first time. So far, it has registered in the United States and other 93 countries.

Attention of Government Leaders

The establishment and the building of the brand had embodied the love of the older generation of national leaders. In March 1981, Vice Premier Bo Yibo visited the plant and said: "You made this brand of 'Phoenix', this needs to be written in the history of Shanghai industry." In 1990, President Yang Shangkun sent a Phoenix bicycle as a national gift to the president of Chile. In December 1986, at the time of the establishment of Phoenix Bicycle (Holdings) Company, Jiang Zemin, the mayor of Shanghai at that time, is pleased to write an inscription: "Have a bright future." All of these become tireless efforts and a powerful driving force to promote the Phoenix to reach a new high.

Exported to More Than 50 Countries and Regions

Since 1993, Phoenix became the industry import-export enterprise and established a international trading department. For fifty years, the total export volumn of Phoenix bicycles was over 30 million, of which, self-support export was more than 20 million. The company’s annually foreign exchange through exports is $ 60 million, of which the independent brand accounted for more than 90%. Annual export countries (regions) are more than 50, and have won several exporting, marketing and other special awards issued by Shanghai Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Commission.

Foreign Market Restructuring

The adjustment of product structure. By visiting the exhibition, trade negotiations, customer satisfaction surveys to get to know the needs of export and to keep up with the development trend of the bicycle industry, to meet the diverse needs of consumers, to continuously adjust and optimize the Phoenix brand product positioning in the target markets.

The adjustment of the market structure. The company focused on the development of the market by seizing market opportunities. For example, the company firmly grasp the opportunities for economic recovery after the financial crisis in Southeast Asia, Indonesia to expand the market to restore, making it the largest market.

The company firmly grasped the business opportunity of the post-war reconstruction of Afghanistan, lost no time to sell 500,000 Phoenix bikes to Afghanistan. Phoenix bike in Afghanistan has reached 80% market share. In the consolidation and expansion of the traditional regional markets, the company made no efforts to open up markets of developed countries targeted on the United States and Japan. Again, the company firmly grasp the opportunity of recover of anti-dumping in America and the business opportunity of US bicycle manufacturing gradient transferred to China mainland, and established OEM relationship with the United States Huffy Bicycle company, which made the bicycles produced in the company go into the United States’ large-scale retail supermarkets for ten years. Despite the EU's anti-dumping against China bicycles for up to 15 years, Phoenix bicycles still entered Spain, Austria, Iceland and other markets in quantity. In recent years, it has successfully opened up the New Zealand market.

To Strengthen Intellectual Property Protection of Trademarks

In order to strengthen the investigation and punishment of counterfeiting infringement, for the implementation of brand strategy, the company filed IPR protection for trademark of Phoenix at the National General Administration of Customs in 1991, acquired Customs and Border Protection for the Phoenix brand.

The company also strengthened the joint cooperation with commodity inspection, industry and commerce, public security and the Court, groups or individuals that counterfeiting or infringing on the Phoenix brand shall pay a heavy economic price in addition to prosecution for their criminal responsibility and legal liability.

To a Higher and Better Goal

Phoenix bicycles in the past half century has been produced and sold for more than 80 million, of which the latest ten years of production and sales accounted for 60% of the 48 million bicycles. Looking to the future of the bicycle industry, health and environmental protection is the eternal theme. Although part of the bicycle’s function has been or are being replaced by other modes of transport, fitness travel, the advantages of cheapness, simple operation, easy maintenance, suitable for people of all ages, etc. can not be replaced by other modes of transport.

The company will further advocate: "continuous innovation, customers first, respect for human nature and beautify life" business philosophy, adhere to the implementation of the Phoenix brand strategy.

The company has established trade offices in Indonesia, Tanzania, Ghana and the United Arab Emirates and has established a joint venture trading company in Japan. The company will accelerate the pace of cross-border operations to fight in the near future to achieve the “selling to where it is produced” and “producing at where it is sold”.

Phoenix, pride of national bicycle brand.

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