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Promising Future for Electric Four-Wheels Shandong Xindayang Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Date:17-12-2018 Source:chinamotor

Xindayang is committed to make Yinan factory a electric four-wheels eco-industrial park, with "Zhi Dou" as the leading brand and drive Yinan all supporting manufacturers to common development, in the meantime, position as national demonstration base for electric four-wheels.

Currently all parts of the electric four-wheel vehicles are produced Xindayang. Last year Xindayang sold 7400 vehicles, while from January to the end of May this year, it has sold 8,000. This year's goal is to ensure 50 000 vehicles, striving for 60,000. After the market opened, the production capacity has also risen rapidly, it can only produce 100 per day with overtime production in the first half while in the second half of last year the new production line can produce 200 every regular day, workers more proficiency, parts matching capabilities are greatly enhanced.

Xindayang four-wheel vehicles are mainly domestic-based, exporting accounts for 1/5, mainly exported to Italy.

Through years of development, Xindayang began to return to the society. It is creating a new pilot project in cooperation with Yinan government. According to the company, whether it is the product bifurcated adjustment process, or the transition from two-wheeled vehicle parts manufacturing to the four-wheeled vehicle after, it had always achieved the desired effect. Electric four-wheels is a very large investment project that needs government support, and the production process from inputs to outputs is a very long period, taking a few years, which is a severe test for the enterprise. The force of government support tends to affect the final result. So the initial success of Xindayang also embodies the great effort that Yinan government has made.

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