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Real Service to Enterprises------ Zhang Wei, Director of Yinan Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision

Date:17-12-2018 Source:chinamotor

In the electric vehicle testing, Shandong Province was a blank. We went to the Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology Department to actively seek for that when Yinan electric vehicle industry has just started. At that time Weifang and Qingdao are striving for that qualification as well. After the comprehensive weighing of the provincial bureau, the testing organization was decided to locate in Yinan. In May 2010, Shandong Province Electric Vehicle Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center was finally established in Yinan.

At the very hard time of Yinan finance, the county budget still allocated more than 2,000 million for the center to purchase equipment, plant, personnel, so far, it has actually been spent more than 30 million yuan, this cost is mainly expensed by Yinan county government.

The primary function of the center is to serve. Several companies in Yinan have strong technical force relatively, especially companies like Xin Dayang, Luyuan, etc. These enterprises attach great importance to quality control, Luyuan’s quality control is directly responsible to the board, regardless of the local branch Restrictions. Working with them is also a contribution to our technical staff; secondly, to play the role as a link. When our center was under construction, the Tianjin National Bicycle Quality Control Center (hereinafter referred to as CIQ center) was of great help. Neither of us has any experience during the start-up phase, nor was familiar with the standard or the understanding of the testing equipments, so we ask NGTC to help build laboratory inspection center, establish up benign interaction. For enterprises, they need more help from NGTC. Sometimes they requested for State Inspection Center "Checking", thinking of ideas for them, asking trends in industrial development, including domestic and international industry trends. As a county inspection station, we relatively lack of talents. Cooperating with the national testing agencies, one benefit is to make organic interaction, we can ask for help, but the most critical thing is that they can help to upgrade our industry.

When our center was under construction, we consulted the two national laboratories program in Tianjin and Wuxi, which were relatively more comprehensive on layout and equipment introduction. Currently the hardware conditions are in place, but the biggest problem encountered is the lack of talents, also the start time is relatively short. Recently we are ready to request for another team from Tianjin, let them help us raise the level. Hand over the overall management to them, and then we'll recruit some talent locally.

Testing Center offers free services to the local businesses for the first five years and laboratory equipment can be shared with enterprises. If we do not have confidence in a product, we can analyze data in our laboratory together, and as for the enterprise requirements, we can basically do whatever they ask. Free service is based on start-ups, they need a pull from the government, so that they can reduce spending in this area, after they become mature, we both get the last win.

The development of Yinan electric vehicle industry is entirely depend on government support. Shandong is located among Tianjin, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, radiating the Central Plains. So the starting point of the test center is relatively high. The Center currently has on-test items, including two rounds, tricycles, also set aside space for four-wheels.

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