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The 2017 Electric Power Assisted Drive System Technical Seminar Successfully Closed Its Curtain

Date:17-12-2018 Source:chinamotor

On August 11th to 12th, 2016, Suzhou Bafang Electric Motor hold the 2017 Electric Power Assisted Drive System Technical Seminar (“Technical Seminar” for short). In this seminar, Bafang mainly introduced the new products which include drive systems, BESST system and speed and torque sensor.

The Technical Seminar is an annual grand meeting of Bafang, it aims at providing an exchange and interactive platform to OEM factories and traders. In this technical seminar, Bafang introduced several new drive systems, speed and torque sensor and BESST system. Many dealers came afar to attend this seminar.

BESST System

Among all the new products Bafang introduced, BESST system is a highlight of Bafang in this technical seminar.

BESST is based on the platform of cloud data management and will cover the whole industrial chain from sales to after-service system. The core of BESST is the management of after-service. Dealers can test products, diagnose issues then solve them through BESST. It is important for dealers to get information of spare parts on the BESST. The goal of BESST is to support dealers of all over the word at anytime.

The ways to operate BESST is very simple, customers just need to log in the website of Bafang: http://www.szbaf.com/index.php?id=95. Then download file package and click it twice to finish installation. The software applies to wins 7 or higher version and mac OSX . It works online but there is no data offline. What’s worthwhile mentioning is that the software will be updated automatically online when there is updated notification.

Ultra Drive System

In the seminar, Bafang also released Ultra Drive System MM G510.1000. It is a heavy duty drive, which is suitable for mountain bikes and speed bikes. It has colorful display with a USB port. The MM G510.1000 has a durable battery pack. It has various options with a max storage of 500wh.

MM G510.1000 drive system is suitable for mountain bikes and speed bikes. It meets to the demand of American market and can be applied to mountains terrain countries, such as Switzerland, southern Germany, Austria and etc. There are many features of this drive system. The wires & connectors of the motor can be hidden inside of the frame with ISIS axle of the speed & torque integrated sensor. It is also the brushless DC motor with FOC control and the max power can reach 1kw. The ultra drive system also has a colorful display, which is with sporty type interface, and it is well matched with the motor. The various information that meet the demand of cycling enthusiasts can be understood intuitively. The riders can also connect this display with Bafang app.

Modest Drive System

Another drive system that Bafang introduced this time also incluede Modest Drive System. It is mooth, silent, and economic. Modest Drive System is a high-performance drive system with a integrated speed sensor. It has a USB charge port and bluetooth. There are different power packs with a maximum of 750wh. The Modest Drive System is compatible with all customary frames. It has high quality and competitive price.

Speed and Torque Sensor

Except for the two drive systems,Bafang also brought out a speed and torque integrated sensor with ISIS shaft--SR PA 31.32.ST. It is in compliance with ISIS, JIS and other relevant standards. Both torque and RPM signals can be collected, and different BB torque sensors are available. SR PA31.32.ST has high precision, and the bilateral torque error is less than 1%. It has fast response and the output torque signals are of high linearity.

Speed and Torque Sensor SR PA 31.32.ST

The 2017 Electric Power Assisted Drive System Technical Seminar Successfully Closed Its Curtain on August 12th. Bafang has introduced many new products in this technical seminar. This is a grand ceremony for Bafang and also for other electric vehicle companies in the industry. Bafang aims at providing a comprehensive vehicle solution to customers. The new products Bafang brought in this seminar will facilitate the technical development in the industry.

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