Industry Dynamics

The Pursuit of Excellence Shandong Hongdi Locomotive Co., Ltd.

Date:17-12-2018 Source:chinamotor

2012 Hongdi came to Yinan to build a new factory, it officially began to manufacture products in August 2013, mainly electric tricycles. Now the sale is mainly in Shandong area, the annual output is about 30,000. The employees are nearly 400 people. Tricycle SMEs are now facing great pressure, big companies control prices, monopoly is relatively strong. Hongdi are taking the way of producing high quality products, with quality as the center. The impression to consumer is "expensive car" in the market.

Hongdi has its own coating line, after service committed "big frame for life insurance", that is, if the frame broken, then, regardless of how many years it has been used, it can be replaced. Ancillary products adopt well-known brands at home and abroad. In addition, the company has its own testing equipment to ensure that the products meet the standards.

Now the company can maintain annual sales of around 30,000, mainly due to 25 years of accumulated reputation in Shandong Province. Consumers in Shandong have had a higher rating to Hongdi. Recently the company has increased its publicity efforts in the country, customers reach Guangxi.

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