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The Strongest Model on Earth, Aima Jeek Global Production Off-Line Ceremony

Date:18-01-2019 Source:chinamotor

Aima Jeek Global Off-Line Ceremony was successfully held on August 8 in Aima Group Jiangsu Wuxi Factory. Present at the ceremony were Wang Wei (Aima R&D and Manufacturing Director), Long Ehui (General Manager of South R&D Center), Liu Jingqiu (General Manager of Jiangsu Aima), Huang Xueyi (Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Aima) and Huang Juwu (Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Aima).

In the morning on August 8, it was very lively at the No. 1 production line of Jiangsu Aima. The first mass-production Jeek would be born in the world. It means Jeek would be put on the market with batch quantity. Customers can experience the real bike within August. The production line workers were operating the last checking before it off the line.

Aima R&D and Manufacturing Director, Wang Wei, and the General Manager of South R&D Center, Long Ehui, unveiled Jeek together.

Then, the two managers rode on Jeek respectively to test its overall quality and performance. They highly recognized the quality of Jeek and showed their expectations to the future market.  

Jeek is another creative work behind Mine and Uncia independently developed by Jiangsu Aima. Different from Mine’s fashion and Uncia’s sport, Jeek has integrated 8 high technologies and 18 core configurations to bring riding fun for young people and students. Aima, the strongest club on the earth, now once again adds a powerful model.

Its streamline body is designed according to layered fluid dynamics. Not only its appearance has strong sense of science and technology, but also the wind resistance is reduced to 0.19 in the test. This breakthrough feature provides excellent hardware for its high speed operating.

The Future Pupil is a biomimicry design from the eyes of eagles. 4 imported Cree LED highlight lens headlights look very incisive. Additionally, the keyless start system, comfortable seat, motorcycle-level inverted damping, laddering dual LCD meter and other strong configurations add more scores for Jeek.        

Jeek is an electric vehicle bringing the riding fun for you. Quick starting, cool lights and strong power all make you enjoy the riding. Jeek once again refreshes the history of e-vehicle industry and creates new future.

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