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Training for Gaining Aucma Yinan New Energy Resources Electric Vehicle Co.,Ltd.

Date:18-01-2019 Source:chinamotor

As a listed company, Aucma fairly has high standard on business operations. Last year, the economy in the electric vehicle industry was not good, but as a brand enterprise, the company is still paying much attention to maintaining the healthy development, standardizing operation, compared to small companies, Aucma still has some advantages, the capital chain is relatively safe.

Aucma was established in 2002. At present, the main products are two-wheelers, models are constantly upgraded, as well as the automation equipments. Since last year, Aucma start learning how to improve labor efficiency, taking extensive use of automation equipment, machinery to replace manual and reduce labor costs. These moves achieved remarkable results. Last year, the number of employees has been reduced from 900 to 500, production efficiency improved significantly, and benefits, stability of employees also increased. Operators got more and more skilled. In addition, because of the improved automation, the manufacturing and management costs are reduced.

At present, Aucma has 98% of workers comes from local, in order to improve the staff quality, the company will hold some activities about quality, efficiency, rationalization every year. As an important task of finding internal potentials, the selection of "assembly experts "," quality experts "and so on has promoted the overall quality. It is also an important reason for the good results that Aucma has achieved in The National Electric Car Assembly Skills Contest last year.

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