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What is ABA

Date:18-01-2019 Source:chinamotor

ABA is an organization named as Asia Bicycle Alliance. The Alliance is defined as a non-official, non-binding and non-profitable platform in cooperation and exchange. It is established by the bicycle and related associations (chambers of commerce) in primary bicycle production and main target-market countries and regions throughout Asia.

In order to facilitate exchange and cooperation of Asia bicycle industry, and promote regional balance and coordinative development of global bicycle industry, Asia Bicycle Alliance is agreed to be organized under the proposal by China Bicycle Association and Taiwan Bicycle Association, jointly initiated by Bicycle Association (Japan), All India Cycles Manufactures Association, and actively joined by Turkish Bicycle Industry Association, Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines, Korea Bicycle Industry Association, Vietnam Auto Motorcycle Bicycle Association, The Association of Indonesian Bicycles Industries and the National Association Velomoto Industry.

The Alliance is established in order to enable each member (association) to promote in Asia a bicycle culture that fully exhibits the convenience, healthfulness, environmental friendliness and other essential values that bicycles inherently have. For the time being, the Alliance’s main objectives are: to promote the cycling events, strengthen the cycling safety, take advantage of Asian bicycle industry to facilitate the means of info-sharing (limited to publically available information only), trade and investment in Asia, and drive the development of Asian bicycle industry and culture.

ABA is a bicycle organization which is open and oriented. ABA shall, under the principle of voluntariness, equality, cooperation and win-win, advocate and promote information-sharing, exchange and cooperation, facilitate technical progress, maintain industry security and develop industry culture.

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