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Yadea High-End 4S Dealer Store for E-Vehicle

Date:18-01-2019 Source:chinamotor

The once untraditional Yadea Smart-Beautiful terminal store has seen its evolution. After a year of painstaking design, Yadea once again broke the industry tradition and presented the brand new customer oriented 4S store level terminal store.

The best scenery is on the trip, that’s what riding is all about. People are now becoming more serious about the environment and their health these years. This is why more people are now parking their cars in the garage and taking to riding, an upcoming fashion, especially riding E-Bikes. They’ve formed a huge riding community. E-bike has changed its role as a travel tool to a low carbon fashionable option. As for riding itself, it has become a life style or even a culture from just a way of travel.

Yadea has been devoted in developing two-wheel E-bike for 20 years. Its high-end products have dominated the E-bike market for 10 years and with the help of 442 national patents and 28 cutting-edge technologies, it has been sold in 66 countries.

Not only does Yadea build up its hard power through upgrading but it also creates an environmental friendly soft culture, the riding culture. This culture based on Smart-Beautiful terminal Service best represents what high-end really means.

On one hand, Yadea never stops improving its hardware from function, look, safety and comfort level perspectives; on the other hand, the culture based on terminal Store, with the best service, is more than just a store, but a platform for the riding community to get the most considerate service and exchange information.

Yadea Smart-Beautiful terminal store always listens to our customers and gives them the right solutions. We continuously upgrade our hardware just to give our customers top level support, technically and mentally. Once they are on the road, no matter a short trip or a long journey, they’ll always have a comfortable and exciting experience.

The service is not just about bikes

Yadea never stops pursuing extreme service. From the 2007 Wanmei Ultimate to the 2014 Smart-Beautiful terminal store, Yadea uses 7 years to refresh E-bike terminal store perception of industry peers and customers.

Now, Yadea has stepped further, making Smart-Beautiful terminal store a 4S shop level store. And it has jointed auto world, fashion world and science world together to make a humane and green high-tech service. It combines selling and serving to make the store more enticing.

Besides upgrading on products, services, and management, Yadea also made an unprecedented move– creating high-end experience from space design. Artistic space design and distinctive products display are telling the audiences the true meaning of high-end service. Those cold metal pieces seem to be animated and communicating with time and space. This futuristic and fashionable vibe really gives our customers a visual feast.

The culture based on Smart-Beautiful terminal store, which has 4S shop level service and represents top quality of industry image and consumption experience gives the firmest support to Yadea. The concept of low carbon scientific life style and extreme service is what we pay back for our customers and the environment. Furthermore, in a period when consumers are being pickier, it is responsible for Yadea to break the tradition and inflict industry upgrade.

The Smart-Beautiful terminal store is nothing but a start of Yadea’s globalizing initiative. We will open more experience centers in and out of China, making a better life style for E-bike users all over the world.

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