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Yadea Z3

Date:26-06-2017 Source:chinamotor

Yadea Z3 is equipped with car-level intelligent BMS (battery management system) to ensure the safety and anti-theft function for the whole electric system.

Car-level CAN-BUS  Fast Transmitting to Ensure Enjoyable Riding

Yadea Z3 is equipped with car-level CAN-BUS which features fast transmitting efficiency, high stability and strong extensibility.

It not only supplies electricity for each electrical device but also ensures the high-speed transmitting among the electrical devices.

It ensures a good operating condition for each electrical device and the high-speed transmitting of the internal and external instructions to make the e-vehicle operating synchronously with the mobile phone with no delay and no standstill to ensure your enjoyable riding.

Not Afraid of Freezing and Baking Weather to Ensure Excellent Performance

The high-power battery of Z3 can work normally in low temperature down to -10℃ or high temperature up to 55℃ .

It can meet the transportation demands for every season in most areas of China.

The battery life can reach 5 years if properly used.

*Notes: -10 - 55℃ is the range for discharging during operating while the charging temperature is 10-45℃ .

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