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AIMA - Jeek

Date:27-06-2017 Source:chinamotor

AM Jeek

Off-road level suspension fork

The force of rear suspension is sourced from the riding direction and the weight of the vehicle and the rider. The triangle suspension consists of the frame, damper and electric motor connecting bar, providing stable structure and excellent safety.

Lightweight disc brake

The 220 extra large lightweight discs are equipped with front and rear single hydraulic calipers which are X calipers and have special A-cooling wings to relieve the thermal decay greatly.

Broadband efficient electric motor

Jeek is equipped with the T-shape electric motor with the highest standards in China. Its maximum torque can reach 85N.m. The core starting speed is very excellent and efficient and the power output of the electric motor is nearly twice faster than ordinary motor.

Leather saddle

The new-developed Ascent leather is the standard equipment of Jeek. It brings 20% more friction and is filled with high elastic sponge inside to ensure the comfort and resiliency.

Front inverted hydraulic damper

The inverted CNC hydraulic damper is adjusted well and can filter the impacting force from every direction.

Rear airbag damper

When passing by hollows on steep slopes, the pump of the airbag damper can absorb more pressure to make the rider feeling comfortable.

Start button of racing mode

This start button is set on the right twisting handlebar and can be pressed by the index finger to switch the racing mode and common 3-gear mode.

USB + seat cask lamp

Jeek has combined two functions to solve the problem of mobile devices charging and finding things at night.

Metallic Silver

Liquid Metallic Silver + Shining Silver Blue + Matte Silver Grey + Liquid Metallic Grey + Glossy Black

Delicate, respectable and sedate orient Jeek as the pioneer of electric sport bike.

Ultimate Orange

Glossy Black + Silky Orange

Ultimate, luxuriant and respectable of the craft heart create Jeek.

Star Magic Blue

Glossy Black + Shining Silver Blue

Profound, immense and remote bring mystical beauty for Jeek.

50:50 Ratios

The ergonomics (golden riding ratio) relieves riding fatigue.

9.58s for 100m

Jeek becomes the king of the same level vehicles in the industry with less than 10s score for 100m.

Laser-Assisted Parking System

- showing the width smartly during riding

Jeek has been very infatuated with using frontier technologies and initiated the A-laser safe riding lamp with straight light. This lamp can emit bright and clear signal to the other vehicles behind when raining, fogging or at night.

AIMA - Jeek
Dimensions: 1690×680×1080-1250 mm
Electric motor: 800W / 1200WT
Controller: 15-tube 3-speed appropriate controller
Battery: 60/72V20Ah special for Aima
Brake: Front disc, rear drum / Front and rear disc
Anti-theft: Intelligent delay protection
Tire Front: 90/80-12, Rear: 3.5-10
Damping: Inverted hydraulic + airbag damping
Speed: 50 – 55 km/h
Distance per charge: 50-70 km

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